Die Geistige Aufrichtung feiert 35 Jahre Jubiläum durch den Initiator Pjotr Elkunoviz.

Healing Day as a remote Treatment – 

Your Spiritual Realignment

The Spiritual Realignment for You

Healing can only come about through the renewal of the spirit. Spiritual Realignment is the basis for an all-encompassing healing on all levels of our being. Its healing impulse begins in the spirit, works from there on the soul and via this on all organs and systems of the body renewing and perfecting.

Regardless of what issues you are currently dealing with, the point is not to suppress symptoms of illness, but to resolve the cause on a spiritual/mental level.

You want:

    • Become pain free at last
    • Restore your health in an all-encompassing way
    • Be free from the burdens of your past and experience this visibly on your body.
  • Understanding the connection between body, soul and spirit and integrating it into your life
  • Consciously take your health and well-being into your own hands and take responsibility for it.
  • To come into your creative power, to finally take off, to redesign your life in love, harmony, joy and lightness.

You are in good hands with us and we are happy to help you, because we have many years of experience with hundreds of thousands of people.

“It was a great experience and enrichment for our existence and further life path …no more pain and also the mind has calmed down.” – ELISABETH & SEBASTIAN
“I feel calm and balanced. The lecture was very interesting and gave me a lot of food for thought. Thank you very much for that.” – WOLFGANG
“A great cleansing has taken place – release of burdens from the past. Lightness – clarity – thank you!” – MANUELA
​​”Very calm, very powerful and content; with me very close… Thank you for all the devotion, love and energy!” – MARLIES
“Total relaxation, feeling of happiness, relief, looseness in the right arm. Thank you for everything.” – KERSTIN

FAQs about the offer

For whom is Spiritual Realignment suitable?

Spiritual Realignment is important for every human being.

  • People with complaints: For those who have any discomfort on physical, mental, emotional levels.
  • People who are well: People who are well and who want to live and experience their own potential more and more also benefit from Spiritual Realignment.
  • Pregnant women and newborns: Every human being carries the evolutionary crookedness of the body and it is also already visible in newborns. So it is important to correct this inclination as soon as possible. Preventive for children already in the womb.
  • Athletes: Athletes also benefit preventively from Spiritual Realignment, because it puts equal balance on joints.
  • For the whole family: The family is a coming together of souls who have decided to live in an energetic unity in order to have important experiences. So we recommend that everyone in the family experiences the Spiritual Realignment, because this creates more understanding, harmony and peace.


Is remote treatment as effective as on-site treatment in your practice?

Spiritual healing does not need physical proximity to be effective. What works is the spirit of Divine and thus the remote treatment is just as effective as on site

We now have clients from all over the world who are very grateful that they do not have to be on site to experience their Spiritual Realignment.

What happens on my treatment day?

Every healing treatment is personal, individual and carried out according to the needs of each individual, regardless of whether the treatment takes place in the practice in Potsdam or online.

Pjotr and Charlene Elkunoviz begin every healing treatment with the establishment of the Divine Order in the human being through Spiritual Uprightness. Impulses for regeneration are given and self-healing powers are released.

Spiritual Realignment is done in a gentle way. The person being treated often feels a slight and pleasant loosening and correction in the body. During the treatment there is a tremendous increase of energy, which enables physical and spiritual higher development.

How does the remote treatment work?

Your appointment online is 50 minutes, either via Zoom or Skype. Please note that the times in the booking system correspond to German time. If you are abroad, please include your time zone. 

During your appointment:

  • We will discuss your current issues and/or complaints. (Pjotr speeks German and Russian. Charlene speaks English, Italian and Portuguese.)
    • Look at your statics together before and after the treatment
    • Your Spiritual Realignment happens in seconds and without touching the body. You will immediately notice and visibly experience a change.
  • The energy work follows through energy transmission to further support the process of your transformation, your renewal. In this process your de-radiation and de-disturbance also happen. 

Your hand centres can be activated on request for self-treatment at home.

Do I need to prepare anything for the treatment online?

Your preparation for your healing treatment online:

  • Please send us your current issues and/or complaints (on a mental, emotional and/or physical level) by email after booking your appointment or at least 24 hours before your appointment, so that we can gain an insight beforehand. It would be best if you could send us a short summary, as this would be easier to understand.
  • Let us know if you want to use Zoom or Skype. We will send you a link for both. 
  • For the healing session it is important that you find a quiet place where you can lie either on a couch or on a bed during the treatment. We do not recommend lying on the floor because the healing treatment takes longer and it is more comfortable to lie on a softer surface.

After the treatment, take a break of at least 15 minutes.

Prices overview

Spiritual Realignment: 

Your Spiritual Realignment is unique and your subsequent energy treatment is included.

* Adults: 170,- € 
* Youths 13 – 17 years: 110,- €
* Children up to 12 years: 90,- €


Follow-up treatment:

The follow-up treatment can only be booked after a successful Spiritual Realignment, if further energetic support is needed.

IMPORTANT: For each booked follow-up treatment, an additional follow-up telephone treatment is included. The telephone treatment can be arranged afterwards by email.

* Adults: 170,- €
* Youths 13 – 17 years: 110,- €
* Children up to 12 years: 90,- €

If you book a date incorrectly, simply email us and we can change it manually in the booking system.

You still have questions?

Questions about Spiritual Realignment, the process of your personal appointment, remote treatment or for whom the treatments are suitable, we have clearly arranged on the page FAQ – Questions and Answers for you.

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