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Animal treatment

Animal treatment

Animals are our soul siblings, very sensitive and sensitive to their environment. They often show symptoms of their fellow human beings and thus they are also soul mirrors for their families. Therefore, it is highly advisable that the pet owners are treated as well in order to achieve a comprehensive result for all of them.

Through Spiritual Realignment, animals also become free again from their burdens and imposed patterns. They are cleansed and strengthened through their individual healing process in soul and body. As with humans, blockages dissolve and the flow of life energy is restored. 

Even with animals, the Spiritual Realignment is unique and does not need to be repeated.

Animal healing is performed by us from a distance.

„I see the change with our little animals. It’s more harmonised and they have less arguments with each other. Daisy is doing much better, I must say I see a big improvement. Thank you very much!!“ – MELANIE
„Good morning, our dog Baffy has developed super since the treatment. She is happier, brighter, braver and not so scared anymore. Kind regards.” – PETRA
„My horse’s well-known panic attacks have stopped. He has already eaten and drunk, albeit very hastily and still stressed. Fortunately, I could not observe any stomach pains either. Late Saturday evening he became much calmer and more relaxed!!! Best regards.” – CARLA
„I moved Sleipnir, I have never experienced such a lightness with him. Neither physically, nor energetically. He was “light on his feet” and the back has never swung like that. He wanted to canter, round and round and buck and climb. There was so much liveliness, wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – TANJA
„Many many thanks again for the long-distance healing of my cat Carlo. I feel he is happy, in a good mood and open. He has been less accessible lately and now he is looking for contact again more himself, he is not so anxious anymore. He is more alert and lively.” – BETTINA

FAQs about the offer

Do I need to prepare anything for the remote treatment of my pet?

Your preparation for the healing treatment of your animal:

Please send us the following by email after booking an appointment or at least 24 hours before your pet’s appointment:

Please note that the times in the booking system correspond to German time. If you are abroad, please include your time zone. 

  • a photo of your animal with his name (not necessarily a recent picture, but one in which he is best seen alone)
  • Age
  • its topics to be covered
  • Address, telephone number or mobile number.


The healing session lasts 30 minutes and we call at the agreed time. Accordingly, a family member should be with the animal during the healing session and observe it during the energy transfer.


Can the curative treatment of my animal also take place on site?

No. Animal treatment basically takes place at a distance. Spiritual healing does not need physical proximity to be effective. What works is the spirit of God and therefore the remote treatment is just as effective as on site.

Thus, it is best for the animal to stay in its familiar premises.

Prices overview

Spiritual Realignment:

The Spiritual Realignment also for an animal is unique and the subsequent energy treatment is included.

* Animal: 60,- €


Follow-up treatment:

The follow-up treatment can only be booked after a successful spiritual realignment, if further energetic support is needed.

* Animal: 60,- €

If you book a date incorrectly, simply email us and we can change it manually in the booking system.

Please note that the times in the booking system correspond to German time. If you are abroad, please check your time zone.

You still have questions?

Questions about Spiritual Realignment, the process of your personal appointment, remote treatment or for whom the treatments are suitable, we have clearly arranged on the page FAQ – Questions and Answers for you.

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