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Treatments for Animals

Treatments for Animals Dogs

Animals are our soul companions and extremely sensitive to their environment. Often they reveal the symptoms of their human friends and in that way act as the mirrors of the souls for their families. This is why we recommend that the humans who own them receive a treatment at the same time so that all-embracing results can be achieved.

Through Spiritual Realignment animals too are freed from their burdens and all imposed patterns. Their individual healing process allows their soul and body to be cleansed and strengthened. Just like in humans any blockages are released and life vitality reactivated.

Animals too need a Spiritual Realignment only once, it does not need to be repeated.

We perform animal treatments through distance healings.

Please send us a photo of your pet (does not need to be recent) including its name by email or post mail, include your address, phone number as well as your cell phone number. As soon as we receive these details, we will contact you to set a date.

Distance healings usually take place after 8 pm.

The price is 40,- €

Postal address:
Ch. And P. Elkunoviz – Allumfassende Heilung durch den Geist
Charlottenstrasse 35/36
D – 101117 Berlin

Preferably by email:

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