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New: From now on you can either book an online treatment or an on-site treatment in our practice in Potsdam. Both treatment approaches are effective and successful.

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Pjotr Elkunoviz – Allumfassende Heilung durch den Geist (Limited Liability)

Jochen-Klepper-Straße 7b,
14469 Potsdam

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    Healer Training Berlin Elkunoviz
    Notice: A healer is neither a doctor nor alternative medical practitioner. Spiritual Healing / Spiritual Realignment is not a healing in a medical sense but a spiritual process. The healers will not make promises of a cure nor will they make a diagnosis. Spiritual Healing / Spiritual Realignment does not replace medical treatments in case of physical or mental illness or any suspected illnesses. Your participation is voluntary.


    Notice to those seeking help:

    Pjotr Elkunoviz alone is the originator of Spiritual Realignment®. Please watch out! Spiritual Realignment® by Pjotr Elkunoviz is unique and inimitable. The extremely effective power and high vibration of the spiritual healing method Spiritual Realignment transcends any physical realignment and energetic straightening of the spine.

    The significance of Spiritual Realignment goes far beyond any physical adjustment or energetic spinal straightening, or any other forms of skeletal or energetic treatments.

    Only here in the Healer-Light-Network as initiated and activated by Pjotr Elkunoviz you will find those straightening healers in your region who work in his spirit to perform Divine Straightening.

    Spiritual Realignment ® Healer-Network