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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What is Spiritual Realignment?

Divine Straightening is an alternative healing method and the foundation for an all-encompassing healing / well-being on all levels of our Being. Read more here…

Who benefits from Spiritual Realignment?

Spiritual Realignment is for everyone: children, adults, seniors, pregnant women, as well as athletes, all regardless of their national or cultural background, or of their age or physical condition.

Is this treatment only good for back pain or does it also help with other symptoms?

It can help with all symptoms, because Spiritual Realignment works with the cause of the “ailment”, those very moments and experiences in life when they first manifested.

From which age on or up to which age is Spiritual Realignment recommended?

At any age, also as a preventative measure! We recommend to do this during pregnancy – the prenatal phase – all the way to an advanced age.

How long does Spiritual Realignment last?

Spiritual Realignment is a divine realignment that contains an impulse for self-healing, therefore it is permanent.

How long does a healing treatment take?

During a healing day we take as much time with each individual as they need. That is why we ask that everyone plan for ample time when attending a healing day. The introduction and attunement for Spiritual Realignment are held in small groups of maximum ten people, the subsequent treatments are given individually and separately . The order of the treatments is determined by the order of the requests and bookings by email. Please bring with you lots of time, as a healing day lasts up to 4 – 5 hours. More about your preparations…

How much does a treatment cost?

Please ask us by email, contact us here.

You write about God. When one comes to you for a treatment, does one need to believe in God or in healing?
No. It is not necessary to believe in a greater power, but it is helpful if you believe in some GOD, regardless of the name you give this entity. Everyone has a different sensation during the healing and a personal experience with God through Divine Straightening. Once one has seen, one believes!
Is your healing method related to a religion or a particular faith?


Are your treatments also helpful if one has already had surgery, has artificial joints or a fused spine?
How do I book an appointment?

Please write us for an appointment through email here….

Can I other people accompany me to my appointment?
Can I bring my animal to my appointment?

No. We principally treat animals from a distance. Find out more about this here…

What should I pay attention to when attending a healing day?

It is important that you arrive on time for registration and 15 minutes before the start of the lecture. Please no alcohol or drugs. If you take any medication, please let us know beforehand. We have indoor shoes for your use at our healing centre, but you can also bring your own.

Can I get an additional treatment at a later date?
If you feel you need a follow-up treatment, you can book an appointment during the healing day.
After Spiritual Realignment I felt light and free of pain, but now, a week later, the pain is returning. I also feel that the unevenness has returned. What should I do?
Spiritual Realignment is a divine realignment that takes place in any case, it is permanent, therefore you can not return to being uneven! The pain comes back due to inner resistance to the changes. Please remember the lecture we gave during the healing day and the information we shared, and notice the answer to the question above. If you feel you need a follow-up treatment, please book another appointment.
How can I support the Spiritual Realignment?

When one has suffered from pain for a long time and has been released from it through the treatment, one should not engage in physically demanding work right away or any stressful activities. Pay attention to positive thoughts, healthful nutrition and as much as possible to remain free from worries and stress. There are several ways to work on one’s spiritual development. Integrate the following points into your life by beginning with what comes to you easiest.

  • Take mindful decisions every day., We are light beings and co-creators. Every action causes a reaction, this is the law of cause and effect. When a person directs their attention to positive and purposeful living, then they contribute to the good not only in his their own life, but also in the wider community and the collective.
  • Live according to spiritual laws.
  • Prayer / affirmations – live in gratitude for that which as been created and ask in your prayers for what you aspire to.
  • Calm the mind through meditation and other mindfulness and concentration exercises so as to attain emptiness. Be at one with God.
  • Lead a stress-free life: this means to concentrate on the essentials and to increasingly distance oneself from duties, things and persons that are no longer in tune with oneself.
  • Spiritual reading material: These are some helpful books that can assist with the above points: Health as a path: A Guidebook for spiritual healing and health care in everyday life and 3-Healing® Principles For Spiritual Health in Everyday Life . By Carolin and Alexander Toskar
  • If you wish, you can attend our seminars to learn spiritual healing and thereby steadily increase your own healing powers. For more information read here.
  • Change your diet, to only ingest living foods. It is best to give up all denaturated foods. In this regard there are many nutrition specialists who can advise you on an appropriate nutrition plan for you. In any case it is worthwhile to look into this topic, as the foods we eat form the building blocks of our organism.
  • Regular exercise – the body was created in such a way that it needs movement to stay healthy. Choose a physical activity that you enjoy, you will then easily and regularly engage in it. This is also a way to meet people who share the same interests as you. Your social life is strengthened in healthy ways. Here too there are many specialists dedicated to physical movement and health that can assist you on your path.

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