Die Geistige Aufrichtung feiert 35 Jahre Jubiläum durch den Initiator Pjotr Elkunoviz.

The beginnings of Spiritual Realignment

Pjotr Elkunoviz – Originator of the Divine Order Energy

Spiritual healer – Miracle Worker – Reiki Master – Spiritual Teacher

Pjotr Elkunoviz was born on August 1 st 1951 in Moldavia (Kischinew) in the UDSSR. He has lived in Germany since 1980 where for many years he worked as a tool maker, making Germany his adopted home.

At the time he himself was looking for healing, as his spine was showing symptoms of wear and tear due to a tilted pelvis. The doctors told him he would have to live with the pains that came with the condition for the rest of his life. He refused to accept this.

In Pjotr’s words, “I realized that any conventional healing treatment of the symptoms were just helpful to a certain extent, as they ignored the underlying causes brought about by evolution, as well as any mental and psychological causes. The very reason that no one was able to help me compelled me to seek out spiritual healing , one of the oldest healing modalities throughout history. I became a seeker and I found!

Pjotr’s journey to Jerusalem

Before arriving in Germany, Pjotr had lived for 7 years in Jerusalem. In 1989 he decided to go on a visit, as something was calling him to return.

Throughout the years that he had lived and worked there, he had never found the time visit the holy city. His niece, who was living in Israel offered to show him Jerusalem. This is how, as “coincidence” happen, he was led to a sacred place. There his niece asked him to deposit a note with a wish. Initially he refused, but she explained that this was an old custom that all visitors followed as well. She was surprised to hear that he had not a single wish. She encouraged him to dig deeper and kept saying, “Come one, make a wish!” Eventually he wrote onto the piece of paper that she handed him his deep felt wish,

”I wish all humans on this planet who are distressed to be well. I wish for peace in the world.”

Pjotr continues his account: “l did not ask anything for myself, but only the good for everyone else. Maybe this had been a test from God! At the time I thought that I had everything to be happy and content, even though I had a lot of back pain. As I went to place the paper in the sacred place, the entire atmosphere around me suddenly began to change. As I reconstructed this moment later on, in that instance I was enveloped in a powerful current of light. Initially it was all around me, but then it entered me! A veil was drawn from my eyes, and the clearest images from the past, present and future were revealed to me in waves or vibrations, and all of these at the same time, without words. I received precise symbols of information beyond our normal perception. This was clear information of the highest knowledge, which however I was unable to comprehend at the time.

Spiritual Realignment Elkunoviz

And then I saw God, yes, I saw God! To me it was God as a spatial being. I felt that our eyes melted into each other, that our consciousness united and that my nervous system transformed into a channel of communication.

I received a transfer of consciousness content in form of light language. These are perspectives that I am unable to talk about at this point. People have a tendency to be caught in their own perceptions. Do realize that words and perceptions can be wrong and misleading. They are not complete. This means that words are too imprecise to describe the levels of living consciousness and to reflect the true meaning of my message. The state of consciousness that I found myself in can usually not be described in words.

God spoke to me and said that I had been chosen to integrate spiritual knowledge into the material world, that I was the meeting point of the collective human consciousness. I nodded, even though I did nor really know what HE meant by that. Nevertheless: after this experience I felt relieved and freed from all burdens that I had accumulated throughout my life. I was overwhelmed with an indescribable feeling of freedom and I knew that from this moment on God would guide me. I had an inner certitude that indeed it was that way and would always be that way!

It is difficult for me to transmit my message in words and terms of our current language. There is another, very old language that would be more adequate for this type of communication. It is the language of light.
A downloading of knowledge takes place through the transmission of living units of information. These units are more precise and more complete than all words. These were developed to send comprehensive and precise messages.”

Such “coincidences” – that always happen at the most opportune moment – increasingly occurred, as Pjotr went through a further initiation process that imparted him information about a healing approach that hitherto had never existed on Earth. Pjotr himself received a “Spiritual Realignment” that immediately freed him from pain and healed him completely! Then God once again spoke to him, “You are FROM me and to ME you shall return. I am here to enter your consciousness and to
awaken you. I now unite MY consciousness with the cells of your body to transmit to you specific information. Through your work people will recognize ME, because you are the confirmation of ME.” Little by little Pjotr comprehended the grace that had been bestowed upon him through this experience, as he realized that he had now become the tool of God. He had been handed the keys to transform all the preconditioned patterns, the life matrix, as well as the genetic codes in all living beings in beneficial ways. He had received the prophecy that he would help all human beings in the world.

He would heal them, encourage them, give them hope and teach them spiritual laws. This would be his life work!

Other things that were revealed to him in this encounter can not be conveyed at this time as people would not yet understand it. He gently prepares them for this knowledge.

Pjotr then as the carrier of such high knowledge underwent years of intense introspection and realization until he became the one he is now! His entire organism was reconstructed and refined. His nervous- and chakra-system, as well as the cell information down to the tiniest molecule needed to be adjusted to the high vibration that had been activated during the Spiritual Realignment.

At that time he also learned about the wonderful Reiki healing energy, the universal life energy. With great enthusiasm and determination he was soon able to complete his formation as Reiki Master and Teacher.

Despite of all the blessings that he had received he also experienced some low points as he learned to master his powers. He was able to work miracles, but only few people wanted to experience them! People did not yet understand what he was offering them. He finally reached the maturity to ask himself, “Am I really the one who saw God, and the one who was prepared for this task? Yes, I had to be the one! People came to me looking for help. They said, ‘God sent us!’, and I know that it was so, and people were healed through my help! I had to realize for myself that the purpose of my life was to help all of humanity!”

Heilerausbildung Berlin Hände
Heilerausbildung Berlin Hände

The extraordinary success in the healings he was giving made him realize that he had been called upon to make this wonderful, divine gift of healing his life purpose. Through untiring service to his fellow beings and their all-encompassing healing he fulfills this mission with all his love, because he is filled with HIM! This is how the miracle of Spiritual Realignment was born, which he teaches with gratitude in a special formation to other healers who are mentally and spiritually mature enough to take on this major task of becoming miracle workers. His work is to be seen globally, as this is also about the healing of the collective consciousness of the whole world! Healing through Spiritual Realignment accelerates spiritual development, something that every living being strives for! To consciously become God!

His work became known in Germany through the TV series “Miracle Healer Part 1 and 2”. The broaodcasts from the SWR station in 2002 and 2003 were received with an overwhelming response. For the very first time a distance healing over the phone (from 120 kms away) was documented on film. The realignment of a tilted pelvis with a
readjustment of uneven leg lengths and spinal straightening, some of the aspects of the re-establishment of the “Divine Order” was witnessed by a doctor of orthopedics, who confirmed the changes between before and after the treatment in front of the camera.
For this revolutionary transformation Pjotr needed merely one instant.

Because of the extremely positive response by the audience, other TV stations acquired the broadcasting rights, so that his healing work became known beyond the borders of Germany. Since that time people from all over the world have come to him to receive healing through Spiritual Realignment . Before and after the Psi-Convention (healer congress) in Basel in 2003, the German ZDF TV station documented his work on hundreds of people, most of whom he straightened in front of the live camera. The story was broadcast under the title “ The Miracle of Basel ”. Subsequently other television broadcast confirmed his beneficial work. Also during the show “Fliege” he was able to demonstrate his healing ability – the establishment of the “Divine Order” – in front of a large audience. There again an expert in the field (an orthopaedic doctor) confirmed the results. These shows moreover allowed a glimpse into the 18 hour days of a healer, who untiringly offers his services to ailing people and responds to their individual healing needs. Over the past years he was able to help over 300.00 people,
some of who came to him with serious ailments from all over the world. “When
someone is ready to become healthy, then he will get well. I will help with the process
“, says Pjotr.

Spiritual Realignment® as fulfilled through Pjotr Elkunoiviz creates a new,
liberated generation!

It will also change your life and with it the history of the world. You will be led back to a level of consciousness on which we will once again all be able to communicate with each other without the use of cumbersome words or terms, but directly, through the unity of all that is.

Your future is Now!

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