What people have reported


Geistheiler Erfahrungsberichte Dankeschön

Experiences with Spiritual Realignment

This is what people have noted after their treatment during our healing days:

Wonderful, the sensation I indescribable.” – TATJANA

I feel light and liberated, free of pain.” – SUSANN

Very good, energized. Thank you!” – TUNDE

Namaste, dear ones! We visited you on Sunday and first of all we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It was a wonderful experience and enriching for what lies ahead. Since our Divine Straightening my mum and I are no longer in pain, and also our minds are quieter. It really is the best to be in one’s own centre. With Love, Light and Gratitude.” – ELISABETH UND SEBASTIAN

A light, expanded feeling, as if the energy in and around the body is flowing.” – ANKE

I feel calm and balanced. The lecture was interesting and thought-provoking. Many thanks.” – WOLFGANG

I am unable to explain at this point what exactly happened to me during the healing day. My mind is still unable to comprehend any of it, even though I would like to. Already as I entered the room I could feel the high vibration and the energetic setting. You were so very attentive, devoted and forthcoming, thank you!! Next to the inexplicable skeletal alignment, I feel the effect mostly on a mental level. There is a peace and equanimity in my body that I did not know before. I am suddenly able to meet people without restraints and be very present, and I see everything with new eyes. Many thanks for all the interesting information, and that you took so much time! I thank you with all my heart for all your untiring work, may God bless you.” – ANDREA

I feel so very good!!! Thank you…” – THORSTEN

To be conscious, light. Love, I am!” – LIANE

A major cleansing took place – an unburdening of the past. Lightness – Clarity – Thank you!” – MANUELA

Calm, with an inner smile.” – DETLEF

Very Good. I feel myself lighter and more free.” – ALETTE

Very calm, very strong and content. I feel close to myself. Thank you for the devotion, love and energy!” – MARLIES

Thank you for the treatment of my mother. I never heard her say before, “I feel like I am on a cloud.” – ANDREAS

Geistheiler Erfahrungsberichte Baum

It is like being reborn. A new body feeling. I am curious to see how it will unfold from here. It was a very interesting day with you. Many heartfelt thanks. Until soon again!” – HANS

Good. It was a wonderful experience.” – JÖRG

Totale Entspannung, Glücksgefühl, Erleichterung, Lockerheit im rechten Arm. Vielen Dank für Alles.” – KERSTIN

“I take away many positive things and feel very good.” – IRENE

I am free of pain, I feel liberated and moved. The spiritual knowledge I received is groundbreaking. A very big thanks!” – THOMAS

I feel very good, all the pain is gone. I feel refreshed, content and enthusiastic. Many, many thanks. I wish you all the best in your work.” – KATARINA

What a joyful awakening this morning, […], old thought patterns made space for new strength. I have entered a field where only the consciousness of light and love are felt.
Everything is what it is. It is like arriving home. The source of who we are and have always been. At the same time I feel humbled, incredibly grateful to the creator, to all of creation and to myself as part of this grand totality. My love and gratitude at this moment goes to you Charlene and Pjotr. Your kind acceptance, unending patience and merciful Divine Straightening. From heart to heart in love.

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