Pjotr Elkunoviz®
creator of the
Spiritual Realignment Energy
since 1989


Healer Training Network

Spiritual Realignment ® Healer-Network

Pjotr Elkunoviz is the originator of Spiritual Realignment. Charlene and Pjotr Elkunoviz are the messengers of Spiritual Realignment.

Carolin and Alexander Toskar are the founders of the Healer-Light-Network and have protected the trade name Spiritual Realignment® with Ginger Up.

This is where you will find all the healers who are active in the spirit of Spiritual Realignment:


They were initiated into the Spiritual Realignment energy either through
Pjotr and Charlene Elkunoviz or through Pjotr’s son Alexander Toskar and his wife Carolin Toskar.