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Charlene Elkunoviz

Spiritual Healing Berlin Charlene Elkunoviz

Charlene was born and raised in Brazil in a German family. As a child already she wanted to help humans and animals, and to protect nature.
After her graduation from high-school in the Portuguese language, and after acquiring the German language proficiency diploma, she moved to Switzerland, to complete the Matura in foreign languages.

She then returned to her home Brazil. Having always had a creative mind, she studied interior design with the idea to transform people’s lives through harmonious living spaces. After successfully working in the field, however, she realized that this was not “fulfilling” by itself. This is why she moved to Vienna, Austria to complete a degree in International Relations at the university, followed by an internship with the ministry of the environment.

After experiencing severe back pain she found her way to Pjotr Elkunoviz. Through her own Spiritual Realignment and the accompanying treatment she experienced the grace of God in very palpable ways. She now knew that spiritual healing was her path too and that it was her mission to serve humanity for the highest good.
As a straightening-healer, wife and since 2016 also teacher for Spiritual Realignment, she now manages together with Pjotr with love and dedication their healing centre in the centre of Berlin. Charlene and Pjotr travel to many countries where they hold healing days and seminars.