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Buch die geistige Aufrichtung

Spiritual Realignment ®

Brief description: The book “Spiritual Realignment®” by Alexander Toskar introduces the life path and healing work of Pjotr Elkunoviz, who received this healing energy over 26 years ago and is considered its originator. Using many examples, the author demonstrates how the healing energies during Divine Straightening flow through the body and how the cosmic life forces enter the chakras into all the energy centres of the human body. Also the relationship between the spiritual and physical spine are explained in clear and compelling ways to demonstrate the close connection between consciousness and the body. Spiritual Realignment ® is far more than a physical alignment; it addresses the human being as the trinity of body, mind and spirit. A selection of spiritual exercises are also offered to guide the reader in applying basic spiritual laws in support of the inner self-healing process. “A unique masterpiece about the laws of spiritual healing and a wonderful guidebook to heal spiritually, physically and mentally!” – (Aquamarin-Publishing House)

Reviews:The book is written in a lively style – making for an enjoyable and invigorating reading experience as one almost casually learns about one or the other detail of the huge domain of energy healing and conscious living. Worth reading!” – Reiki Magazin 03/2007 “Sensational results and reactions from people having received healings. This is a book that gives hope, courage, and trust in the work of the two healers. A highly recommendable book that describes the method of Divine Straightening in fascinating and interesting ways while at the same time providing the reader with hope and helpful suggestions.” – Alexander Dohn Spiritual Realignment ® ISBN 9783000217708 (English)

DVD die geistige Aufrichtung

Spiritual Realignment® Documentary DVD

Brief description: In order to provide an informative introduction of their work to a wider audience, a DVD about Spiritual Realignment® is now available for the first time. It not only shows details of the actual healing work but also explains the background and the spiritual laws at work. A very impressive part of the DVD is also a conversation between Alexander Toskar and his father, Pjotr Elkunoviz, that provides hitherto unknown insights into the origins of Divine Straightening as well as astounding feedback from Los Angeles by Dr. Michael Beckwith, Rick Allen and many others. A fascinating documentary that clearly proves the effect of the mind on matter! Includes exercises for daily practice. (length: 100 minutes) Languages: German, English

Buch geistiges Heilen

Health as a path by Carolin & Alexander Toskar

Brief description: A Guidebook for spiritual healing and health care in everyday life by Carolin & Alexander Toskar In this book the authors record their spiritual knowledge in a clear and accessible language for any person interested in their experiences and insights. The book contains numerous useful and practical exercises as well as techniques ranging from breath control to the chakra system to yoga asanas that all assist in alleviating everyday ailments and finding inner stillness. “A very appealing and spiritual book for daily practice that addresses everyday discomforts. A well presented volume with many incentives to stimulate one’s own healing powers.” – Yoga! Das Magazin

CD die geistige Aufrichtung

Healing meditation for Spiritual Realignment®

These energetically programmed meditations spoken by Carolin and Alexander activate powerful healing and cleansing processes. The high frequencies of these meditations renew and regenerate the cells, the organs and the etheric systems of the person. This CD is a pleasure for the body, soul and mind.

CD die Geistige Aufrichtung 2

Healing meditation for Regeneration and Self-healing

Responding to the high demand, this CD provides further exercises for Divine Straightening that assist every person in applying spiritual health wisdom in easy ways into their daily lives. Spoken by Carolin and Alexander

Buch Geistige Heilung 3-Heilung


Principles of Spiritual Realignment and spiritual health. By Carolin and Alexander Toskar 3-Healing offers a way to spiritual health and integrated humanity. These principles address people of every culture, religion and world view. This is spiritual concept allowing one to experience and strengthen the connection of body, mind and spirit with the highest principles through spiritual intention, laying-on of hands and the use of pre-programmed healing agents. 3-Healing with energy cards

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