Pjotr Elkunoviz®
creator of the
Spiritual Realignment Energy
since 1989

Pjotr Elkunoviz

Pjotr Elkunoviz

Pjotr was born in Moldavia and has lived in Germany since 1980. In 1989 he traveled to Jerusalem where he experienced a great expansion of consciousness. This was a benedictory encounter with GOD. He became the originator of a previously non-extistant healing method on Earth. This is Spiritual Realignment!
Previously he had been a tool maker and now he is the tool of the healing hand of God. Since then he has been working in beneficial ways with humans and animals through his new way of healing.

Pjotr was called upon to make this wonderful, divine gift of healing his life’s work. In this capacity he has been able to help hundred thousand of people to heal over the last 27 years.

In untiring service to his fellow beings toward their all-encompassing healing he fulfills his sacred mission with all his love. This is how the miracle of Spiritual Realignment came into being that now circulates around the world. It is in gratitude to the spiritual world that he imparts his knowledge to other healers. Anyone who is spiritually and mentally mature and is earnestly interested in becoming a healer can learn Divine Straightening in a special formation with Pjotr and his wife Charlene.

His work has to be seen globally, as this is also about the healing of the collective consciousness of the whole world! Healing through Spiritual Realignment and divine alignment accelerate spiritual development and the process of planetary ascension, something that every living being strives for! To consciously become GOD!

May you oh God – you who are in ME – in adoration of you, and in the company of those who bow to you within THEMSELVES, give me deep and far-reaching, and
unlimited compassion for all beings of the world!

Dein Pjotr