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Healing days: Treatment sequence

spiritual healing lecture

Spiritual Healing days with Charlene and
Pjotr Elkunoviz

A healing day begins with a lecture and attunement of a small group of people (maximum 10 people). Interested family members, friends, relatives and acquaintances are always welcome to listen to the lecture and watch the treatments (free of charge).
Witnessing this beneficial healing with their own eyes will convince them of this alternative modality. Each person will then receive a personal and individual healing treatment according to
their needs. Pjotr and Charlene Elkunoviz start each treatment with the activation of the divine alignment in the person through Spiritual Realignment. Through this activation the person receives new impulses for regeneration and self-healing.

Anschließend werden die Heilbehandlungen persönlich und individuell nach den Bedürfnissen jedes Einzelnen durchgeführt.
Pjotr und Charlene Elkunoviz beginnen jede Heilbehandlung mit der Herstellung der Göttlichen Ordnung im Menschen durch die Geistige Aufrichtung. Impulse zur Regeneration werden gegeben und Selbstheilungskräfte werden freigesetzt.

Spiritual Realignment is a gentle process. Frequently the person will feel a subtle and
comfortable relaxation and realignment throughout their body. During the treatment an enormous vibrational shift takes place that allows for further physical and spiritual

Spiritual Realignment – The divine impulse

spiritual healing treatment

Spiritual Realignment is the divine impulse that brings beneficial changes and fresh outlook. During the treatment one rests in a comfortable state in which one experiences oneself in two realities. On the one hand one feels one’s physical identity, on the other hand one experiences the oneness with all that is. One arrives in the present time where there is only a Now that lies beyond time. Each person is brought to this state of consciousness. The human race is approaching the birth of a new
that brings with it a transformation of thought and perception.

Blockages and old, outdated patterns can dissolve, as this life energy is self-regulating and now can once again flourish In this way also the mental state of the person can be transformed to experience renewed vitality. Nowhere else are the regenerating forces of nature, the self-healing of the organism, more visible than with this treatment, which is effective for children as well as adults of any age. It is a deeply
moving and unforgettable experience to witness the Spiritual Realignment in oneself and in others. The changes in the body are immediately visible!

A healing day appointment is confirmed through an exchange of emails

Who benefits from Spiritual Realignment?

Spiritual Realignment is for everyone: children, adults, seniors, pregnant women, as well as athletes, all regardless of their national or cultural background, or of their age or physical condition.

With the Spiritual Realignment the unity of the Individual Self with the Universal Self takes place as it enters every cell and body consciousness of the person. People who have received the treatment consistently confirm that that they are filled with strength,
determination, courage, enthusiasm, alertness, as well as a deep inner calm. Conflicting thoughts are harmonized, and the mental, as well as emotional attitude turn toward the positive.

Your body is your temple! Keep it clean and pure, so that the soul may comfortably inhabit it. In every person resides a spark of divinity that is reignited through Spiritual Realignment.

Spiritual Realignment rises like an irresistible wave of strength that embodies the secret of the cosmos. It assumes the willingness to an intuitive form of perception of all areas of knowledge. Through the channel of the mediator, that is, his spirit, all people are drawn into its cosmic flow. It is the moment in which the soul of the person experiences itself at One with God. It is the existence of universal consciousness.

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Treatment sequence

  • Lecture and attunement
  • Individual treatments – Spiritual Realignment
  • 3-Healing and spiritual alchemy with a release of heavy metals, follow-up treatments
  • Activation of healing energy with power bracelet

The Spiritual Realignment does not have to be repeated. Follow-up treatments are provided when requested for chronic, mental and emotional issues.

Appointments for follow-up treatments and for distance healings can be made duringour healing days.