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Charlene & Pjotr Elkunoviz – Allumfassende Heilung

How wonderful that you found us.

The year 2019 is a special year for us because we commemorate and celebrate 30 years of Spiritual Realignment.

For that reason we made the decision to take some time for recovering. We are going to create new impulses to our blessed healing work and to redesign the healing days and healer seminars with new inspirations.

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Alexander Toskar:

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Pjotr und Charlene Elkunoviz

What is Spiritual Realignment?

Spiritual Realignment is an alternative healing method that provides the basis for an
all-encompassing healing on all levels of our being.

Who benefits from Spiritual Realignment?

Anyone can benefit from Spiritual Realignment: children, adults, seniors, pregnant women, as well as athletes, all regardless of their national or cultural background, or of their age or physical condition.

How long does Spiritual Realignment last?

Spiritual Realignment is the impulse for self-healing and realignment on all levels, and therefore is permanent! Spiritual Realignment is directly related to our spine, the main channel of life energy in our body, and the very centre of our health.

We further offer detailed and carefully assembled information about various topics that might be of interest to you: Spiritual Realignment, the origins of Spiritual Realignment through the spiritual healer Pjotr Elkunoviz, treatments for animals, protection from electrosmog, Schutz für Elektrosmog in your home, distance healings, activation of your own healing potential and attainment of a new consciousness through our Spiritual Healer formation.

We cordially invite you to take the time to find out more about these topics. We wish you much joy and confidence in your explorations.

With light-filled greetings,
Pjotr and Charlene Elkunoviz