Our mission

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Spiritual Realignment ® is of the highest importance. It is also a divine realignment that contains vital information for all peoples of the planet. Precisely because our world appears uncertain and unsafe in these times of upheaval, it is important to cherish this vision of a transformative power that floods our planet with light and the harmonizing energy of love.

We are living in times of great initiations for all those who are on the path to Higher Dimensions . Do accept this message with joy and confidence, as it points to a new age in which we all need to play a part in the true story of human evolution. Soon everything will once again return to the right path, and then the day will come when all human beings will rejoice together in the miracle of Spiritual Realignment in all of creation.

Geistiges Heilen - Charlene und Pjotr Elkunoviz

Spiritual Realignment is the grace of God, it is the remedy that liberates all people from the self-inflicted negative causes of war, illness, pain and suffering. Human beings are not capable of removing all these sources of negativity through their own efforts. Only the grace of God is able to accelerate the process of human evolution. Spiritual Realignment allows us to see and to realize, as it transforms the consciousness of each individual and therefore of the world!

It is our mission to help every single person reach a new state of consciousness regardless of their diversity or background. This is why we, Pjotr and Charlene, address each person in a way that reaches them. Each person in turn learns to translate the new consciousness into the language of their culture. We need to create tools of understanding that will liberate the world from the shackles of the past. Much work remains to be done. Through Spiritual Realignment from the state of timelessness and the Absolute, all of humanity will receive the new energies, the blessings and the nourishment of the perfection of Divinity.

The conscious Self of human beings

It is our mission to accompany people on their way to healing into the conscious Self. Each person should recognize their individual creative power and consciously invest it for the well-being of all. This can only occur when all thoughts, feelings and actions are in harmony and when spiritual laws are observed.

You too can contribute in powerful ways!

Geistiges Heilen Landschaft

This means,

  • that you make peace with your family. This is not always easy, but it is possible if you apply yourself and really want it. Having harmonious relations with your family is a major step toward harmony on Earth.
  • It also means that you nourish yourself with wholesome foods, because we are what we eat. Not everything we eat is healthy! The organism of the human being is organized in such a way that it digests the plants and fruits of creation best. Many people have already recognized this and we are convinced that this is an inevitable development. Leonardo da Vinci, a convinced vegetarian, in his time expressed it in this way, “As long as there are slaughterhouses on Earth, there will be battlefields.”
  • It further means that you are not wasteful! Do not throw away any foods or waste water, even if you have enough of everything! Do not unnecessarily leave lights on when you leave the house or the office. An increasing number of industrial manufacturers and businesses in the service industry are already dedicating themselves to this awareness. You too can contribute.
  • Be mindful about nature. Each eco-system is also the habitat of the animal- and plantworld. When human beings encroaches onto nature with pollution, noise or destruction, the natural cycle is interrupted that will sooner or later also affect the human population. Think about this before you act recklessly.
  • Realize that we are all co-creators. Every person is called upon to actively release old approaches and practices and to open themselves to the NEW consciousness, so that our mother Earth may be protected in sustainable ways.

This is our message and is part of our mission and our way of life.

Individuals, entire families, people from all walks of life, as well as businesses from the economic and scientific community, politicians and athletes all come to us with their various health- and life issues, trusting in our beneficial healing treatments. We look forward to welcoming you one day as well.

Until then we remain yours truly with lightfilled blessings, Pjotr and Charlene Elkunoviz

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