Die Geistige Aufrichtung feiert 35 Jahre Jubiläum durch den Initiator Pjotr Elkunoviz.

Habitat Harmonisation

Harmonization and clarification of living and working spaces

Recommended after Spiritual Realignment.

People often ask us what else they can do after the Spiritual Realignment. They feel good and start to become more selective in all areas of their life, that is, they also become more attentive to their surroundings, or sense what actually does them good in everyday life. You are looking for ways to integrate even more joie de vivre and spirituality into your everyday life.

One of the most important aspects for even more well-being is the harmonization and clearing of your own living and working spaces. Through the remote treatment of your rooms by us, the energy of the living space is transformed. The vibration is raised, the manifested energies of thoughts and experiences that are stuck in the rooms are cleared and harmonized. The building fabric, as well as environmental influences, electro smog, water veins and any negative rays that have a negative effect on health, as well as geopathogenic zones are also transformed.

This treatment is one-time and does not need to be repeated.

“Dear Pjotr, Dear Charlene, Yesterday I had a short visit from the neighbour. As soon as she entered the house (which you had cleared), she was fascinated by the positive energy that is here. Thank you!“ – ROLF
“Dear Pjotr, Dear Charlene, I have checked with the tensor – the interference zones that were still there on Sunday have practically disappeared. Today I could sleep wonderfully… It seems to me that the house has somehow become brighter and purer. Many, many thanks!” – HERLINDE
“Hi Charlene, Pjotr, thank you again for clearing our house. It feels like the room is much bigger and wider. I also go to the ground floor alone now. And it smells better..” – SUSANNE and FAMILY
“Good morning you two ! Thank you very much again for the blessed cleaning. We are finally calm again, as if nothing had ever happened. Noticeable harmony and relaxation have set in and we are feeling better again. Contentment is slowly returning. We are very grateful that you exist. All the best.” – MARK and JULIA

FAQs about the offer

How can I book an appointment for Habitat Harmonization?

Please send us the following information by email:

  • an exterior photo of your flat, house or workplace (it does not have to be a recent picture) If flat, please mark the area
  • Square meters of your property (pure living space – the cellar, garage or attic, as well as terraces are not included here).
  • Address and telephone number, as well as mobile numbers and car registration numbers. Vehicles and mobile phones are also de-radiated and de-jammed. As soon as we receive your data, we will contact you to arrange an appointment. The remote treatment appointments are usually in the evening from 7 pm German Time.
  • The healing session lasts 30 minutes and we call at the agreed time. Accordingly, the family members should be at home, because they will also be treated during this time.
  • It is important to create a calm atmosphere, without external influences.


Prices overview

Discharge of interference in the apartment/house

1,- € / per sqm living space (cellar, attic, terraces and garden, as well as cars and mobile phones are included in the price) plus VAT.

For the interference suppression of the workplace / company building / hotel facilities / schools / hospitals / farms etc., we provide an individual offer.

The amount to be paid will be invoiced and sent to you by email so that you can transfer it conveniently.

You still have questions?

Questions about Spiritual Realignment, the process of your personal appointment, remote treatment or for whom the treatments are suitable, we have clearly arranged on the page FAQ – Questions and Answers for you.

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