Die Geistige Aufrichtung feiert 35 Jahre Jubiläum durch den Initiator Pjotr Elkunoviz.

Space Clearings

space clearing houses

Balancing and Clearing of work- and living spaces – recommended after Spiritual Realignment.

People often ask us how they can support the process after they received the Spiritual Realignment. They generally feel well and begin to be more discriminating in all areas of their lives. This means that they become more attentive to their environment and find out what is actually beneficial for them in their daily lives. They look for
possibilities to integrate more joy and spirituality in their everyday experience.

One of the most important aspects of increased well-being is the balancing and clearing of one’s work and living spaces. Through the distance space clearings we provide, the energy of these spaces is transformed. The vibrations are raised, and the manifested energies of the thoughts and experiences that are stuck in the rooms are cleansed and harmonized. The very structure of the building, including the
environmental impact, electrosmog, water veins and other sources of radiation are transformed.

This treatment only needs to be performed once.

Kindly send us a photo of the exterior of your dwelling or work place (it does not need to be recent) by email. Please also include your address and telephone number and cell number, as well as your license plate. Your vehicles and cell phones will also receive a clearing and interference balancing.
As soon as we receive these details, we will contact you to fix a date. Distance healings usually take place after 8 pm.

Preferably by email:

Space clearing for apartments: € 1,- per sq m + € 20,- basic price (includes cars and cell phones).

Space clearing for houses: € 1,- per sq m + € 40,- basic price (includes gardens / property, cars and cell phones).

We will individually price clearings of work spaces / office buildings / hotel properties / schools / hospitals / farms etc.