What do I need to know before I book my appointment in Potsdam:

Dear reader, dear participant,

We look forward to your interest in a spiritual treatment, either your Spiritual Realignment when you book a treatment for the first time or a Follow-up treatment if you have already been with us.

Before you book your appointment, please read the following information carefully. These facilitate your planning and your preparation for your spiritual treatment in our healing center in Potsdam. The treatments take place exclusively on the healing days.

Procedure on healing day:

  • please arrive punctually for your booked appointment – no earlier than 10 minutes before your agreed appointment and no later than the agreed time.
  • Your appointment is 50 minutes; if you are late, the time will be deducted from your treatment appointment.
  • Interested parties / accompanying persons can participate free of charge and are very welcome. Please note that due to the current situation, only ONE accompanying person is allowed.
  • The treatments are always personal and individual.
  • Please bring your own slippers for your appointment. Thank you very much.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: With the current Corona situation, we ask you, as a PREREQUISITE for your treatment in our healing center, to adhere to the hygiene and distance measures, that is, to wear a mask and to use disinfectants.

Overview of prices:

Spiritual Realignment: 

Your treatment is unique and your subsequent energy treatment is included.

* Adults: € 150,-
* Youngsters 13 – 17 years: € 100,-
* Children up to 12 years: € 80,-
* Animals: € 50,-

The treatment of animals is always done as a distance treatment via a photo. Unfortunately, at the moment you cannot book any animal treatments online, so please write us a separate email about it.

Follow-up treatment:

The follow-up treatment can only be booked after the Spiritual Realignment has taken place, if further energetic support is required.

IMPORTANT: An additional follow-up treatment is included for every booked follow-up treatment. You will receive a follow-up treatment in our practice for the date you have booked and, in addition, a distance healing treatment that we will set as a new appointment together in our practice.

* Adults: € 150,-
* Youngsters 13 – 17 years: € 100,-
* Children up to 12 years: € 80,-
* Animals: € 50,-

Address of our healing practice in Potsdam:

Ch. und P. Elkunoviz
Allumfassende Heilung durch den Geist
Jochen-Klepper-Street 7b  (3. OG)
14469 Potsdam – Germany

You will receive further information on how to get here and parking here.

You can now book your appointment online quickly, easily and independently. Pay in advance with PayPal or credit card.

  • All booked appointments take place at the selected times. Correspond to the German time zone.
  • You can also have several appointments at the same time, e.g. book for your family members. To do this, you have to select the appropriate service each time and add it to the shopping cart. Each time corresponds to one treatment.
  • If you have a voucher, PromoCode, you can redeem it during the booking process.
  • Emails such as example the booking confirmation can end up in the SPAM folder.
  • Please note the terms and conditions and the data protection declaration, you must agree to these when purchasing.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.

We look forward to seeing you – on your healing day in Potsdam.

With bright greetings,

Charlene und Pjotr Elkunoviz

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Note: The healer is neither a doctor nor an alternative practitioner. Spiritual healing / Spiritual Realignment is not work in the medical sense, but a spiritual process. On the part of the spiritual healer, no healing promises are made and no diagnoses are made. Spiritual healing / Spiritual Realignment therefore does not replace medical treatment in the event of mental or physical illness or suspicion of such. Participation is voluntary.