Info after booking – healing appointment on site in Potsdam

Dear client,

We are pleased that you are coming to Potsdam for your healing day.

There are also 2 important informations as follows:
• Please send us an e-mail at at least 1 day before your treatment with your topics to be treated: mentally, emotionally and / or physically. So we have the opportunity to deal with your topics in advance.
• In order to be able to continue our work in the practice, we adhere to the defined protection and hygiene regulations during the corona period, that is, to use masks, disinfectants and distance. If you come to us, you need to adhere it also.
• Only one accompanying person is possible for your treatment appointment. Many thanks.

Here are some valuable memories for your healing day.

Procedure on healing day:
• Please arrive on time – at the earliest 10 minutes before your agreed appointment, as we are still being treated with other clients beforehand.
• Your scheduled time for your healing day is 50 minutes. Your treatment will take place in the booked time, should you be late, this time will be deducted from your treatment time.
• Please bring your own slippers or you can wear socks.

Address of our healing practice in Potsdam:
Ch. And P. Elkunoviz
Allumfassende Heilung durch den Geist UG
Jochen-Klepper-Strasse (3rd floor)
14469 Potsdam

Some helpful key data:
• In front of our practice, there is the Campus Facultät tram stop, for tram lines 92 and 96. Both lines pass by Potsdamer mainstation. The journey time from the main train station is approx. 11 minutes. Further information and timetables at:
• Please ring the doorbell at the house entrance beforehand, even if the house entrance is open.
• Parking is available in front of the front door and in the immediate vicinity on the street.

Important note for the entrance:
• The entrance to the practice is at Jochen-Klepper-Str. 7b
• Please be sure to ring the doorbell, we will contact you via the loudspeaker system
• You can reach our practice on the 3rd floor, using the stairs and the elevator.
• If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail or call +49 331-9791-8947.

We look forward to seeing you and wish you a safe and pleasant journey.

With bright greetings,
Charlene and Pjotr ​​Elkunoviz

Notice: A healer is neither a doctor nor alternative medical practitioner. Spiritual Healing / Spiritual Realignment is not a healing in a medical sense but a spiritual process. The healers will not make promises of a cure nor will they make a diagnosis. Spiritual Healing / Spiritual Realignment does not replace medical treatments in case of physical or mental illness or any suspected illnesses. Your participation is voluntary.