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since 1989

Healing Days Spiritual Realignment: current dates for Berlin.

The year 2019 is a special year for us because we commemorate and celebrate 30 years of Spiritual Realignment.

For that reason we made the decision to take some time for recovering. We are going to create new impulses to our blessed healing work and to redesign the healing days and healer seminars with new inspirations.

If you need information about our healing days please contact my son Alexander Toskar: www.toskarhealing.de or our healernetwork: www.healers-united.net

Besides we recomment to subscribe our newsletter to get to know when we will offer new appointments for our healing days.

The appointments in April are already fully booked and will take place as scheduled.

Healing Days Spiritual Realignment: current dates for Karlsruhe.

Currently we haven’t planed new appointments.

Thank you.